I Hate Pink

2022 comment: I actually really hate this ancient post and what it represents (how meta), but it’s the first on the platform and has heaps of engagement for some reason – even now. Enjoy I guess.

I hate Pink. Seriously I hate her. Well, not so much her personally, but her brand. She embodies everything I hate in generic shitty pop music (okay, except for excessive use of auto-tune, also known as Kanye West Syndrome™).

“BUT SHE’S SO TALENTED AND SHE DOES ALL THIS AWESOME SHIT AT HER LIVE SHOWS GOD SHE’S SO AWESOME!” – yes yes I’ve heard it all before. Anyone can choreograph a routine and perform it a hundred times to sell out crowds singing shitty annoying songs about the worst US President in history. I mean I could do that too but I’d have to be really drunk and honestly, it’d probably be only me in-front of a mirror imagining a crowd and singing about my Rudd money. But I digress.

Generic Girl – “But she makes me feel so empowered! And good about myself!”

Here’s my response to that:


Not really, just a joke made in really poor taste. Really though, I get it. Every woman has that little bit of feminist come out when her songs come on. And that’s great. Look at you, you big powerful person you! You sing those terrible lyrics out loud! WOO!

By all means enjoy your 2 minutes 30 seconds of chart topping empowerment, but not around me because that shit will get an immediate launch to the nearest radio to change the station/cd/mp3/8-track/cassette tape.

I hate pink

These memorable lyrics from chart topping hit “So What” will be oft quoted in history books the world over.

I don’t really get how she is different from any other generic female artist such as Britney Spears, what’s her face from Garbage, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, who by all accounts, are equally irritating (Britney probably more than the others). They all have other people write the songs for them, they all pay people to teach them how to lip-sync as they dance around the stage, they pay people to keep them looking trim and fit, etc etc etc. THEY PAY THEY PAY THEY PAY. This is not talent you are watching, it’s a spectacle.

If you want to see talent, go lookup people like Xavier Rudd or Nick Cave because these are actual musicians with actual skills, ability and talent.

But back on Pink, cool man she sings about women being tough and sticking it to the man and shit and that’s great, but at the end of the 3 minute song you’ll be back doing the same menial bullshit in your same shitty life.

You go start a fight! Oh, ha ha, you’re going to be edgy and leave me. I’d write ironically about more of her questionable lyrics but to be honest my vision just kind of goes red when she comes on, then I wake up with everyone dead around me at the end. So you’ll forgive me if I don’t commit all her lyrics to memory.

There isn’t really a point to this rant other than to say I can’t stand her music. I’m sure she’s a wonderful person and everything, but good god am I sick of hearing about her.


20 thoughts on “I Hate Pink

  1. hate all you want she making the moneys!!!!
    id sing that gay shit to make some coin n score mad roots
    dont worry bout wat the fuck she be doin, worry bout your shit!


  2. I completely agree with OP, there are very few people I have spite towards, but Pink tops the chart. She is totally self-centered. She has this “I don’t give a damn what you think” attitude. That’s fine and dandy to express individuality, but that expressionism and resentment towards other people will carry over into her regular life. The world doesn’t need people who aren’t at least mildly open to other’s opinions, a prime example being Pink. She also seems to not care and have little respect for people in general just because we “don’t approve of her”. In reality, if millions of people don’t like something you’re doing, the problem isn’t those millions of people, it’s with YOU (Pink, specifically). Society deems what is acceptable, not Pink, yet she seems unaware of that and not concerned with it. She even has a dog named “Fucker”. Now how anti-social is that? I feel that Pink presents an attitude that makes people imagine they’re far more “badass” than they really are, leading to some (possibly) harsh lessons in life.


    1. Yeah. She totally sucks. She puts on this edgy persona and rants about how men suck and women should take everything away from men and rule the world. Too bad she can’t just sing without the fake edginess. She just tries to sing really high notes that aren’t really placed well in her songs, and most of her songs have a harmony part that is a 3rd above the melody note, and it just sounds dissonant to the musically trained ear. Sing a lower harmony part and the melody will stand out more. Her stupid Just give me a Reason song is absolutely horrible. The chorus just has her singing the 3, 1, and 5 notes of every chord for the first 3 chords, and then she goes off to some note that doesn’t go with the 4th chord of the progression, and it makes me want to scrape my ears out with a jagged spoon. Just try something different when you change chords instead of singing the same melody pattern, and try to sing notes that actually go with the chord. 2/3s of the people on the radio (9/10ths in country and anyone in rap) have no musical talent or clue about music theory and it shows. You are totally right. Pink sucks.


  3. She used to make shitty RnB, but jumped on the “rock” bandwagon in the early 2000s. It’s ironic that she pretends to be such a rebel. She’s just another not-talented pop tart.


  4. Completely agree except I hate her as a person to. I want her to go away and never come back. She is not funny. She is not talented. She has had her turn. Go away because I’m so sick of you, you make me wanna hurl when you come on the radio


  5. Thank you so much someone who understands! I’m a woman and I can’t stand her or her music. She just uses feminism to make herself more famous and like other female artists that do that it disgusts me. And god forbid I express my opinion to anyone in my town they’re all obsessed with her shitty music.


  6. She is a talentless loser, but morons have given her a platform.
    Tone deaf idiots apparently like giving their money to undeserving pop stars.


  7. I thought I was the only one!!! I find her hypocritical, she bags on other celebrities/singers about being bimbo’s, sexualised etc (has very saucy clips and where hardly any clothes herself) and then sings songs about anti-bullying when infact she is a bully!!


  8. All her music is about being violent to men or other women, but how is that a feminist. Our kids are listening to this shit and think that’s normal. It’s definitely not normal to hate people the way pink does. I know they are only songs, but for fucks sake grow up and stop singing about shit that you would sing when you were 14 years old.


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  10. Xavier Rudd?? Nick Cave?? Very bad examples from an obvious Australian. Stop drinking the triple J cool aid my friend.
    I f*ckin hate Pink too btw.


  11. P!nk is the one person female version of Nickelback. Mixing all genres but still boring and dumb mainstream. All her songs sound alike. BUT I hate the fact that you are not able to mention on female singer you like. And you really think Aguilera is bad? She is one of the rare people in the world that can sing in Whistle register. You heard of that?? And the musicians you count, I never heard even of one of them. Its sad that you dislike her bc you have a problem with females.


  12. Good grief I hate Pink songs. Can’t think of even one that’s tolerable. What About Us? is definitely the worst. Random vocal wailings instead of lyrics. I DETEST THIS SONG. Harmonizing with oneself is also one of the fastest ways to get me to change the station.


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