The Best of The Bad Years

“Because every hit show has some bad seasons.”

Editorial quality of these posts is not guaranteed, although I have made some adjustments. I don’t necessarily stand by many of the opinions I held in my ignorant early-20s.

All posts must be read in the context of not only my age, but the year of publication also. Posting in the early days was hard and fast, so removing the fluff was necessary. You can’t bleach the internet but you can retro-actively improve it!

If anything, the archival stuff provides a vaguely interesting timeline of how I’ve improved as a writer. If you’re into stuff like that.

Enjoy, or don’t.

The okay stuff of The Bad Years

Age 22 (2009-2010)

My favourite saga from this time that laid the foundations for what would come later:

The Facebook Incident

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

I Hate Pink

I Hate Current Affairs Shows (aka, RIP Today Tonight)

I Hate Scapegoating

I Hate Fake

I Hate Soapies

I Hate Black Eyed Peas

I Hate Lazy Grammar

I’m Bringing Back Sunnies in the Dark (aka, I Love Sunnies in the Dark)

I Hate Bad Texters

I Hate Fat People (A shameful post that almost had me appearing on Network Ten’s “A Can of Worms”, that shall remain in title only on that basis.)

I Hate Spirituality (aka, I Hate Hippies: The Reckoning)

I Hate Waiting

Awful Ideas – Retail Work

Awful Ideas – Telling People That You Know Computers

I Hate Decaf

I Hate Ben Lee

I Hate Fads – Fake Tan Edition

Awful Ideas – Driving to Big Day Out

I Hate Bogan Pride

I Hate The Cardinal Sin (aka, I Hate Bad Bar Etiquette)

Excellent Ideas – Bringing back Hey Hey It’s Saturday

I Hate The Apple Clap

I Hate Low Fat

I Hate Musicals

A Letter To My Other Neighbour

I Hate Shopping for Singles

I Hate Election Time

A Letter to my Local Member


Age 23 (2010-2011)

I Hate The Commonwealth Games

I Hate Cooking Shows

A Letter to Cadbury

I Hate Festival Groupies

I Hate Justin Bieber

I Hate Royalty

A Letter to my Local Shopping Centre

I Hate Body Mods

I Hate Coles

I Hate Facebook (aka, The Privacy Problem)


Age 24 (2011-2012)

I Hate Dubstep

A Letter to Coca-Cola

Life’s Important Questions – Which is more rude?


Hospitality Sucks. Parts:

One – Ordering

Two – Lazy People

Three – Neglectful Parenting

Four – Degenerate Gambler Edition

The Best of “Life’s Important Questions”

Question Four: Should you leave pegs on the line?

Question Five: Pickle or no Pickle?

Question Six: Is it socially acceptable to use a fork as a knife?

Question Seven: Which is more rude?

Formula breaking and written for the wrong audience:

The Plight of Sonic the Hedgehog

The Plight of Luigi

A Day In The Life Of The Mysterious TAB Man

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