Founded in 2009 as an outlet into which I could channel the immense dissatisfaction of a boring retail job, Sam Hates Everything is a bible of the things I don’t take enjoyment from in life.

Healthy or unhealthy, the fact remains that I am hating new things everyday. Everything produced here is a work of opinion or complete fiction unless otherwise identified.

Further, I am significantly older now than I was in 2009. I do not necessarily stand by the viewpoints or material I produced as a younger man and amateur writer, but I have left it here to die all the same (mostly).

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Am i strange? i love the hatred that you display towards things sam.
    how can i subscribe to your newsletter or monthly article?
    keep hating 🙂


    1. Keep coming back to this address I spose. I think the RSS reader link works if you have one of those…


  2. Oh no ! I just found a kindred spirit who is as intolerant, pissed off at everything and everone and politically incorrect as me and there haven’t been any postings since August 2012 !!! What the ??? Where are you Sam ?!?!?!?!?!?!?


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