(2015 Sanitation Edit)

BadText1This is me when I don’t get replies. Funny… it looks just like an everyday picture of me.

Texting can be a great time saver, and is even cheaper than calling alot of times and I, like many millions of others, love using it. But it becomes a serious pain in the ass when you encounter The Bad Texter. And I don’t mean a bad texter in that they are terrible at negotiating their phone buttons to produce words (though that’s annoying too).

The Bad Texter isn’t just confined to your humble text messaging service though. They are prevelant anywhere where there’s a reasonable expectation of a reply, such as E-Mail or Facebook.

Let’s face it, everyone has busy days and I can expect to wait a little while since it’s kind of a delayed correspondence, but people without the decency to reply at all are by far the worst breed.

The worst way to offend in this manner is by not replying to a question. Obviously I’d like an answer at some point regarding whatever the hell it is I’m asking about! This frustrates me the most out of all no replies. This is compounded especially if you were having a ‘text chat’ prior to asking whatever important question since they were obviously looking at their god damn phone!

BadText2Just reply you jerks!

Some people just read their phones or whatever and forget about your message as fast as everyone forgot about 9/11 victims. “Oh I’ll reply later” – WHY NOT JUST DO IT NOW IT TAKES TEN SECONDS!

Then others say, “Well you could just ring the person”, and of course I could have, but I’ve already sent the message! Not replying isn’t just the game of a lazy person, it’s downright rude and annoying. If I’m messaging you, obviously I’d like to hear from you! Oh, I’m sorry if I’m being really inconsiderate, taking time out of whatever menial bullshit task you are doing, to try to talk to you friend!

In alot of ways Facebook no-replies are worse because your message is there to stare at on their page or whatever and they get a big red box telling them there’s been new activity. You’ve got time to be on Facebook, you’ve got time to reply! Not replying to E-mail is pretty bad too because it’s a lot more personal way to contact you (if we’re comparing it to Facebook for example, which is out in the open).

In summary, stop being a knob and reply if people message you. Unless you don’t like having friends or people talking to you, you antisocial jerks.